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The Best Consent Manager
For User Research

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For Researchers

Easily Manage Your Research

You focus on the research, we’ll focus on the administration. You’ll always be ready with the right consent form, and know what to expect when you walk into an interview. We'll even help you organize the files afterwards.

  • GDPR Complient Consent Forms
  • Sophisticated Participant Scheduling
  • Synced Research Media with Google Drive
For Participants

Build Trust with Participants

Your participants know what to expect, so they feel more in control. After an interview, both you and your participants can easily manage their data with a few clicks.

  • Participants Get Their Own Dashboard
  • Legal Consents with Plain Language Translations
  • Simple and Transparent Consent Management Tools
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For Business Owners

Limit Your GDPR Liability

Reduce your liability and enjoy peace of mind with Knowsi's GDPR compliant customizable forms. We keep every project maintained with ongoing consents so you can quickly check a permission or request additional consents.

  • All Your Consents in One Place
  • Data Retention Policy with Smart Automation
  • Comprehensive Audit and Reporting Tools

We help you stay compliant with

California CCPACCPA
US TBDUpcoming US Law

Manage your Research Better!

Manage all your participant consents in one place.
Forget the admin headache, and focus on doing great research.

Take us for a test drive with a 7 day trial and join today to lock in beta pricing.


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