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Knowsi is a product that started with my experience and frustrations as a Design Researcher. The tools we use are fragile, ad-hoc, and borrowed from other disciplines. Plus, they aren't particularly human-centered. So that needs to change.

Knowsi starts with Consent and Privacy at its core because good qualitative research is built on trust. Researchers hold an incredible power assymetry over their participants– a necessary but uncomfortable tradeoff in good qualitative research. Knowsi strives to build the equity of participants without undermining the needs and security of the researcher by providing great privacy tools for participants, while enhancing the communication and collection options of the researchers.

Our roadmap is focused on making a great experience for participants, useful tools for researchers, and first-class privacy compliance tools for businesses.

    Up Next

    • Webhooks
    • Integration with via webhooks


    • Revised Dashboard
    • Revised Google Sync
    • Public help docs + Roadmap


    • Full GDPR functionality
    • Scheduling


    • Consent Form
    • Audit functionality
    • Freelancer mode

Are there new features you'd like to see, or things that aren't working like they need to?

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P.S. This page was inspired by the roadmap